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Though many of Donna Joy's cakes are originals, one of a kind designs, this page was created to spark your imagination. As the wedding cake is the grand finale to your wedding it should reflect your individuality.

Wedding Cake Art is all about the Bride and Groom. A true Sugar artist creates master pieces that please you in both look & taste. Anything can go from traditional , classic, whimsical. Wedding cake artistry is producing a cake design that is perfect for the Bride. Everything is in! It up to what you desire....

 Here are a few of Donna's original designs that were special creations.

Sheri & Bill married at beautiful L'Auberge de Sedona. Their four tier cake was a combination of designs and textures. Sheri surprised Bill with a Frog Prince cake seen on our Grooms cake page.

Tango in Sedona was composite of textures, colors and ideas. Frosted in a dark Ganache. Adorned in Donna's Fancy Sugar Calla Lillies. This cake won People Magazine as "The Best Wedding cake in Arizona"

Tlaquepaque Calla Lilies
Married in Tlaquepaque the bride and groom wanted to incorporate the Spanish feel into the cake. Done in Classic Cheesecakes. Adorned in Donna's hand made burnt edge fancy calla lilies.

Kristen & Thomas married on
Bride was astronomer. Their dream cakes was her vision of looking at the stars.

Catherine and Kemmons
was created taking elements of the Bridal gown. Elegant and sophocaed was this Bride anf Groom. Seeing what other don't.


Torned between two orginal designs
Donna combined both for this beauty.

All about Hearts and Pink. The Bride wanted everything pink with just a slash of white.

Yellow Tango
Bride wanted a spin off of yellow accents.

Robin & Chris A local couple who accented their Junipine Wedding with Bamboo. Donna created this sugar delight with Pastillage Sugar Bamboo and Sugar flowers to match thier colors and theme.


Mango Tonight
Mango colored Calla Lillies with a mango fondant swag adorned this buttercream cake.

Donna & Matt's Invitation cake
Sweet Donna Cake was created to match this wonderful couples invitation.


This Brides loved Diamonds & Triangles

The Cake design was after the cake topper!

Dawn & Dave 2006

Celtic Wedding design from their Wedding  invitation

Natasha & Chris
Bride & Grooms
Hugs & Kisses Cake

Daisy Love was the bias of the Brides Gown

The Bride wanted to be the Queen of the day! She felt her cake should reflect her. Queen Sedona was born!

Inspired by Donna's Original Fondants tails of 2004.  The Bride & Groom made the cake their own by having Donna custom blend their Sugar Flowers.

Gina had a great imagination! Having a smaller wedding Gina wanted her cake on a stairway of floral risers to give her a bigger look.


Present Cake of Hearts
Texture Bow accented in Fondant Hearts

Amanda's Love 2005
Quilted Buttercream Fondant Pearls and S Swirls


Donna's Original Rustic Stand, Hand Made Topper ,
Accented with sage trim

Petals Of Pearl- Is one of Donna's  most popular Originals. The Pastillage Calla lilies and Circle of love accented this beauty.



Michelle & Jared    
Classic with a modern touch. The Pastillage Plum Calla Lilies were made to match the Black Forest Lilies carried by Bride. Michelle had a paisley pattern on the invitations.  Sharp and Classic.

Sedona Red Overlay 2006

Donna's Original with Sedona Colors.
Red Rocking Fondant overlay. Striking and Hot.

Amanda's Dress
Ribbed Pearls

Jen & Chris
Ying Yang Love
Jen and Chris had a vision of a Ying Yang cake. Chris drew the design digital, Donna transferred the digital into reality by using coco pan and fondant .

Crystal Magic  2006
Crystal Magic was Laura's Wedding Dress! A surprise to the Groom. Accented in a Firework Crystal Topper and finished in a Crystal Riser.  Can be made in any of your colors
Check out the close up in next photo.


Close up

Crystal Magic Accented in Lavender Pearls with the cake being Crystallized!

 Gerber Love 2006
Kim & Josh
Kim & Josh customized Donna's original design by adding their colors and combining a matching fondant trim with Pastillage Gerber Daisies. The Gerber matched the brides maids dresses. Kim and Josh topped of their cake with flavors, a Donna Joy original pink champagne cake filled with fresh strawberries and whip cream!

Pumpkin Love

This couple theme was pumpkins! Whimsical  pumpkins were their dream cake.  Donna can up with this hand carved completely edible cake. It looked like real Pumpkins!

King Cake

Fairy Love


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