Ordering Your Wedding Cake

1. Fill in the Wedding information on the top portion of form.  This includes the      wedding date, reception start time.

2. Select your cake style

3. Select your Cake design. You may send a photo if a design is not found on our web.

4. Select the cake flavors, filling, and frosting types you prefer.

5. Select your cake accents.  This refers to sugar flower, fresh flowers, cake topper ect


Please fill in the blanks, copy and paste into your email, and send to donnajoy@sedonaweddingcakes.com


You may copy and  paste this form to your email, simply highlight the text below, right click select copy. Once this is done right click in your email and select paste. Fill in the form and email it to us. Thank you





Bride - Groom Names____________________________________








Wedding Date_______________________


Location____________________ Room______________________


Reception Start Time_______________________


Serving Requirements____________ Save Top Tier ___________



Cake Style


Stacked _______Free Floating_____ Pillar Style______ Other_________


Design Name _____________________________


Cake Flavors-______________________          _____________________


Cake Fillings______________________           _____________________






Accents - Topper Decorations

Any and all toppers must be provided to Bakery Location. Sedona Sweet arts sends all cakes completed to the reception location.



Topper________________________ Location _________________


Flowers_______ Bride & Groom Style __________Both_____________


Pastillage, Sugar, Chocolate ____________________________


Your Florist must Provide Loose Fresh Flowers to the bakery Location