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                                                 Elopement Wedding Cakes   

 Single or double tiered cakes for a more intimate affair

Baby Cakes, Love cakes, Elopement cakes, Two Tiered Fondant Elopement wedding cakes

Two Tiered  Fondant Elopement Cakes

E1-Vera Wang Invitation


E3-Round Words of Love

E4-White Drama Swirls

E5-Swiss Dots

E6-Simple Ribbon

E7-Swirls of Love


E9-Pearled Lace

E10-Running Leaves

E11-Red Rock Calla Lilies

E12-Hatbox Words of Love

E13-Very Much

E14-Round Running leaves

E15-Draped Swirls

E16-Trailing Love

E17-Corner Swirls

E18-Wild Love


You may select your cake flavor, filling, flower type and flower color.

Cake Types
(One choice for entire cake, please)
Classic White Velvet
Delightfully Chocolate
Pink Champagne Cake
Red Velvet

Best Combinations
(cake & filling)

Red Velvet-Cheesecake filling
Pink Champagne-Whip Cream & Strawberries filling

(One choice for entire cake, please)
Classic Raspberry
Chocolate Mousse
Cheesecake filling
Chocolate Cheesecake filling
White Chocolate Mousse
Butter cream

Pink Champagne -Whip Cream & Strawberries

Sugar Flowers
Roses Classic-Solid colors
Casa Blanca Lilies-may be colored
 Calla Lilies-Yellow centers


Sugar Flower Colors
Red, orange, pink, blue, green, lavender, White, Red Rock, yellow, name your wedding colors

Two Tiered  unique Elopement Cakes

EU1- Frosted Cheesecake
Frosted in whip cream and accented in buttercream.

EU2-Natural Cheesecake

EU3-Ganached Elopement

Single Tiered Elopement Cake

SE1-Fondant Strips

SE2-Asian Princess Cake
The princes cake is frosted in a whip cream then topped in real marzipan!

SE3-Heart of Flowers

SE4- Forever Touching  

SE5- Martha

SE6-Cheesecake love
This cheesecake is trimmed in a Cheesecake frosting Accented in Fresh Raspberry and greens

SE7- Roses are love 

SE8- Swirls& Calla Lilies

SE9-Ganache Cake
This cake in a Dark chocolate Ganache!

SE10- Single Chocolate Drama Cake 

SE11-Single Chocolate Lace Cake