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Tiers of dimension Wedding Cake
Pastillage Succulents, sugar peonies

Classic & Creative Fondant Cakes

All of Sedona Wedding Cakes can be custom created to fit your style, palette, and theme.

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Cotton Princess Wedding Cake
Sugar cotton Bolls & Sugar Roses by Donna Joy

Upside down Paisley  Wedding Cake
Sugar fans behind Bride n Groom

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Creating your dream wedding cake can be anything you like. Combine ideas, shapes, flavors if that what you like.

 Let Donna Joy know what you like and let her come up with something unique as you.



Lace Cake - the early cake series pre 2006

Billy  Ball Ivory gold stamped Wedding Cake

Fun with Olive green Sugar Lilies

White Bark Wedding Cake

Sugar Magnolias Fondant Wedding Cake
F3- Blue Stargazer Wedding Cake
Custom colored sugar stargazer Flowers cascade up
accented with Peach Rose buds and beautiful green sugar leaves.

Russian gold spin cake Chocolate Fondant

Gray Swirls Sugar lilies

Fondant Wedding Cakes-
The early years 2003-2006
Some of Donna Joy's First Cakes

F4-Hatbox Words of Love Cake
Bride and Groom provided many words for this cake. Accented with Handmade sugar Roses, calla lilies, and Rose leaves.

F5-One Drama Cake
This cake was adorned with one large Chocolate swirls, accented with dots of chocolate. The handmade Flame Calla lilies were made from Pastillage.

F6-Sedona Jeweled Cake
Swirls adorn this cake, trimmed with a Jeweled border.
Accented in Pink Stargazers and deep red Pastillage sugar roses.

F7-Sedona Lace Wedding Cake
Lace  adorns this cake, accented with fresh flowers

F8-Formal Affair Cake
White fondant, Black Ribbon accented with fresh flowers

F9-Midnight Love Wedding Cake
Dark burgundy and Ivory cake. Diamonds, dots, swirls and swags. Trimmed with sugar flowers.

F10 - Briar Rose Wedding cake
Donna hand molded these Briar Roses from a deep red Sugar. A first in creating these beautiful Sugar buds and flowers.

F11- Lavender Wedding Cake
Lavender swirls with Lavender Sugar Calla Lilies

F12-Custom Colors Wedding cake
Fondant trimmed in a rust ribbon. Cake adorned with a Custom colored Sugar Calla lilies, berries. The interior of cake was also in matching peach color! Peach Champagne cake

F13- Titled Words of love
Titled cake top or tipsy top are accented in pale pink words of love. The wedding cake is the adorned in a custom colored sugar calla lilies created by Donna Joy.

F14- Lavender White Wedding Cake
Lavender Fondant, White accent flowers and swirls then adorned with Fresh Flowers.

F15-Stars Wedding cake
Colored stars adorn this square fondant Wedding cake. Represent all the stars in the union of this couple.

F16- Fondant Tails Wedding Cake
Sugar drop flowers, sugar calla Lilies adorn this two tier wedding cake.

17- Turquoise Wedding Cake
Pastillage Sugar Sculpted Topper Initial trims this Chocolate swirled wedding cake.

F18- V love Wedding cake
Pink Sugar Astrometia flowers were custom created for this couples cake. The scrolling are side swirled Vs in a Pastillage green for the Couple's married last name.

F-19 Funky Tulip Wedding Cake
Funky tulips are the first request  on this cake. Then funky flower vine hand painting is the second. It is all about the funk on this fondant cake.

F-20 Indian Princess Cake
Pattern taken from the most beautiful dress. Created for an Indian Princess. This cake was hand transported out of state.

F21 Astrology wedding Cake
Astrologer in love wedding cake. Donna created this one of a kind vision for the bride love of the Stars. All pieces were made form sugar.

F22 Sugar Vase Wedding cake
The cake is topped in a Sugar Molded Vase, filled with sugar flowers. The cake is adorned with ribbon ruffles the matched the brides vintage dress

F23 -Sedona Sweethearts
This cake was created for Sedona sweethearts.This cake was fro the celebration with friends and family.

F24-Drapes of Desire Wedding Cake
Custom Red Rock Sugar Calla lilies, Berries, and greens were created by Donna Joy, Drapes of fondant were molded for the trimmings of this cake.

F25 -Sedona  Me & You, You & Me
This cake was created for Sedona sweethearts.

F26 Zimmermen Love Wedding cake
This cake took the pattern form the Brides dress. Pastillage roses were made to match the topper

F27- White Drama Wedding cake
This sweet wedding cakes was created for an inimate wedding. Accented with sugar flowers

F28 Magical Love Cake
Simple fondant wedding cake adorned with fresh orchids.

F29 Top Bow Wedding cake
Pastillage Sugar bow with streamers of fondant pearled.

F30 Ivory Fall Wedding cake
Dark ivory Fondant qwith Chocalte Drama swirls adorned with an assortment of fall pastillage sugar flowers.

F31 Joy Wedding cake
Two round hand carved cakes accented with one step sugar roses, sugar ribbons and sugar balloon, Fun,.

F30 Faux Bois Wedding cake
Dark Wood grain created this cake. The cake is adorned with White Sugar butterflies, Sugar leaves, and sugar flowers. There is even sugar lady bugs on the cake

F31 Day of the dead Wedding cake
This cake is adorned with hand made sugar skulls all hand painted

F32 Quilted Fondant Wedding cake

F33 Hatbox Swirls Wedding cake

F34 Acorn Fall Wedding cake
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Cakes created by Donna Joy