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Sedona's Elopement Wedding Cakes
Having an Intimate Wedding in Sedona? Sedona Sweet Arts creates single
or double tiered cakes for your  intimate Sedona Wedding.

Now you can select between Fondant , Buttercream two tier elopement cakes
Sedona Sweet Arts will custom create a elopement cake for you.
Two tiers start at feeding 10-15 and can go as large as large as 30-44.
Single tiers can be sized for 6 to 20.
Baby Cakes, Love cakes, Elopement cakes, Two Tiered Fondant Elopement wedding cakes


Two Tiered  Custom Elopement Cakes
Two tiered cakes Elopement Cakes.
You have your choice of two types of categories of Elopement cakes.
 Elopement Buttercream or Elopement Fondant.

Steps in selecting your Elopement Cake
1.Select cake design
2.Select sugar flower type and one color
3.Select one cake flavor and filling.

Your selections are listed below. 4" on 6" can serves 10-15.

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Fondant Elopement Cakes

Fondant Elopement 15-
Simply Smooth Fondant Cake,
trimmed in ribbon (you may change the ribbon color)

Fondant Elopement 16-
Vera Wang

Fondant Elopement 17-
Swiss Dots
(you may change the ribbon color)

Fondant Elopement 18-

Fondant Elopement 19-
Dragonfly swirls

Fondant Elopement 20-
Fondant Swags

You may select your cake flavor, filling, flower type and one flower color.

Cake Types
One choice for entire cake, please)
Classic White Velvet
Delightfully Chocolate
Pink Champagne Cake
Red Velvet

Best Combinations
(cake & filling)

Red Velvet-Cheesecake filling
Pink Champagne-Whip Cream & Strawberries filling

One choice for entire cake, please)
Classic Raspberry
Chocolate Mousse
Cheesecake filling
Chocolate Cheesecake filling
White Chocolate Mousse
Butter cream

Pink Champagne -Whip Cream & Strawberries

Sugar Flowers
Roses Classic-Solid colors
 Calla Lilies-Yellow centers
Roses and Calla Lilies


Sugar Flower Colors
Red, orange, pink, blue, green, lavender, White, Red Rock, yellow, name your wedding colors

Two Tiered  Buttercream Elopement Cakes

Buttercream Elopement 21-
Drama Swirls

Buttercream Elopement 22-
Swiss Dots
(you may change the ribbon color)

Buttercream Elopement 23-
Smooth Cascade

Single Tiered Elopement Cake

SE10- Single Chocolate Drama Cake 

SE8- Swirls& Calla Lilies

SE3-Heart of Flowers

Earthly Tuscan  Elopement Cakes
Organic Earthy Buttercream Elopement Cakes.

Select Tuscan style, Adorned in Sugar calla lilies For the price conscious Bride

Single Tiers, Double, even three tier Tuscan Butterceam Cakes

Earthly Tuscan Elopement ETE1-
Chocolate Wavy Buttercream

Earthly Tuscan Elopement ETE2-
Texture Tuscan with a upgrade of Roses and Calla Lilies made form sugar

Gluten Free Tuscan- GFT10 ButtercreamAdorned with Sugar Calla Lilies

Earthly Tuscan Elopement ETE3-
Textured Tuscan with Brides Intials and Sugar calla's and berries
trimmed in ribbon (you may change the ribbon color)

Earthly Tuscan Elopement ETE4-
Classic Textured Tuscan Elopement cake feeding  10-15 adorned with sugar calla lilies


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