Sedona Wedding

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Sedona, AZ 86336


                                                 Wedding Cake Cheesecakes

Stacked Cheesecakes
                        Party Cheesecakes

 Simply yours- Cakes can be done in one level two, three, or four..
Cheesecakes can be made to look like a Classic Wedding cake, Natural Cheesecake  or even into petite four desserts in
Appearance. Here are a few example of how a cheesecake can look. Any flavor goes!

C1- Wedding Cheesecake
Tiered and frosted in whip cream cheesecake, Accented in Black Magic Sugar roses

C2- Trimmed Cheesecake
Trimmed in Cheesecake frosting topped with fresh strawberries.

C3- Tlaquepaque Cheesecake wedding
Tiered and frosted cheesecake, Accented in Donna's Hand sculpted Sugar Calla lilies.

C4- Key lime Cheesecake

C4- Natural Wedding Cheesecake
Tiered and accented in fresh raspberries

C5- Petite four Cheesecake

C6- Cheesecake Bites

C7- Wedding free floating Cheesecake

C8- Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake

C9- Fruit trimmed Cheesecake

C10- Berries n mint Cheesecake


Cheesecake Menu

Classic New York Cheesecake-
        Blended cream cheese, cream, eggs and bourdon vanilla.

Paramount Blueberry
        Swirls of Blueberry blended cream cheese, cream and eggs create this masterpiece. Dana’s Favorite.

Raspberry Rapture Swirl cheesecake
       Swirls of Raspberry flowing through creamy cheesecake

Luscious Lemon
       Meyers lemon blended with cream and cream cheese create this cheesecake

Key West Key Lime cheesecake
      The finest key lime flow through creamy cheesecake, the flavor jumps.

      Rich Deidrick’s espresso steamed to perfection blended with cream and cream cheese

Other Flavors
Strawberry, Coconut, Turtle, Margarita, or any other flavor you can think of!